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Research on the health benefits of outdoor activity is going bananas; but where to find...

Taste the Dirt: Nature Project #1 :: MUD PAINTING

Being surrounded by forests, rivers, and canyons, we can't help but "taste the...

7 WILD Ways to DIY Earth Day

If Mother Nature had a birthday, this is the weekend we'd celebrate everything she...

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Special Offers

Special Offers

50% off a second climb, zip line, jump, or swing.

Sometimes one go-round on our Elements is just not enough. If you want another chance to get outside your comfort zone, ask for a Same-day RE-PLAY to repeat any Element at 50% off!*

*Regular Element price. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Subject to Element check-in availability and access requirements. Can only be redeemed for second purchase of already completed Elements by the same guest during the same visit/date. 

Conquer all Elements in one day for less!

Kelowna Park Package: $139.99
Monkido Aerial Adventure + Primal Swing + DragonFLY Zip Lines ...and a Brag Bundle!

Nanaimo Park Package: $249.99
Monkido Aerial Adventure + Primal Swing + DragonFLY Zip Lines + Bungy Jump + What's To Fear Jump ...and a Brag Bundle!

Prove you're the bravest of the bunch! Successfully conquer all the Elements at Kelowna or Nanaimo Parks in one visit to earn your "tree-top 'cred" as an Ultimate WildPlayer.

Brag Bundle includes: Ultimate WildPlayer certificate, video of your Bungy Jump or Primal Swing on CD-ROM (Nanaimo only), and a WildPlay t-shirt. 

Save on an adventure for you and your companions!

WildPlay makes parties, special occasions, field trips, team building challenges - or any group gathering - a unique and memorable experience. DETAILS >


Field trip fun! Want to turn an organized youth group or school outing into the year's most memorable trip? Just plan a WildPlay day!


Happy play-day to all! Birthday parties are a special way to celebrate special kids. At WildPlay we give kids a fun experience with their friends and family - and give party planners an easy way to unleash the usual fanfare - gone wild!

Save 10% on any Element(s)

Accept our gratitude, and our challenge! Bring your family, friends, or co-workers and test your tree-top mettle. All Canadian Forces members and civilian employees (with military photo identification) can redeem this special discount for any Element.

NOTE: Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or promotions, and apply to Elements only. All rates are listed in Canadian Funds, and are subject to provincial sales taxes.