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Special Offers

Special Offers
2015 SEASON PASS ...unlimited Monkido Aerial Adventures - at all Parks - and more Primal Perks. FUNKY MONKEY BUNDLE ...our coolest combo. Monkido Classic and Monkido Extreme, plus a What's To Fear Jump!
BRIDGE ELEMENT BUNDLE (Nanaimo) ...hurtle from both sides of our 150-foot bridge with the intense Bungy Jump and Primal Swing. ULTIMATE WILDPLAYER PACKAGE (Kelowna; Nanaimo) ...conquer all Park Elements in Nanaimo or Kelowna to earn total bragging rites.

Got a group or special occasion? Check out how our adventures create the most fun and memorable day together.

Limited time, limited quantity.

Nothing beats all-you-can-Monkido® Aerial Adventures - at all Parks - and more Primal Perks.

Your WildPlay Element Parks 2015 Season Pass includes:

  • Unlimited Monkido® Aerial Adventures (Classic Course, Extreme Course, Kids Course) for the 2015 season any WildPlay location.
  • Exclusive savings for "Taste the Dirt Shirts" - just $10!
  • One-time waiver completion (for the season; per Park).
  • Express Demonstration (optional, with qualification).
  • Surprise Primal Perks during the season (...you might get to bring-a-friend, save on other Elements, score a free gift, or get a special deal from our partners)!
  • No Element black-out periods - redeem any time all year long during regular check-in times!
  • Try-then-buy! Purchase a Season Pass after any Monkido Aerial Adventure (same-day) and just pay the difference for your upgrade to unlimited tree-top fun.
  • Playtime that gets more affordable with each visit!

$199.00, including tax

SHOP ONLINE or call 1-855-595-2251.

It's still early-bird season at WildPlay Kelowna!
$125, including tax, until May 25.


  • All benefits and offers apply solely to Season Passholders.
  • Regular Element access requirements, reservation policies, and operating schedules apply to Season Pass redemption.
  • Upon request, to verify identity, Season Passholder must show current government-issued ID or school ID at each visit.
  • Non-transferrable between people. Attempting to transfer or share a Season Pass between people will result in the immediate revocation of the Season Pass without refund.
  • Does not apply in combination with any other offers or discounts, unless otherwise stated. Redeemable as part of group bookings; Season Passholders not counted in minimum number of guests in group bookings.
  • No cash value. Non-refundable.
  • Purchasers agree to provide name, address, phone, age, and email address for Season Passholder identification. Purchasers agree to provide email address to receive the WildPlay® Post with exclusive offers. Season Passholders may unsubscribe if they wish after welcome email.
  • A limited quantity of 300 Season Passes will be available for sale at each WildPlay® Element Parks location; available on a first-come first-served basis.

Experience the Monkido® Classic Course and Extreme Course, plus the What’s to Fear Jump all on the same awesome WildPlay Day. $49.99

One great drop deserves another!

Conquer the Bungy Jump and Primal Swing Elements all on the same day.
$174.99 (with a first-time Bungy Jump); $109.99 (with a subsequent Bungy Jump.)

Conquer all Elements in one day for less!

Kelowna Park Package: $139.99
Monkido Aerial Adventure + Primal Swing + DragonFLY Zip Lines ...and a Brag Bundle!

Nanaimo Park Package: $249.99
Monkido Aerial Adventure + Primal Swing + DragonFLY Zip Lines + Bungy Jump + What's To Fear Jump ...and a Brag Bundle!

All Elements must be completed in one visit. Brag Bundle includes: Ultimate WildPlayer certificate, video of your Bungy Jump or Primal Swing on CD-ROM (Nanaimo only), and a WildPlay t-shirt.

NOTE: Offers cannot be combined, and apply to Elements only. Rates are listed in Canadian Funds, and may be subject to provincial sales taxes.