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Words to the WILD | Blog

playspiration: Top 3 (true) reasons to skip a workday!

Research on the health benefits of outdoor activity is going bananas; but where to find...

Taste the Dirt: Nature Project #1 :: MUD PAINTING

Being surrounded by forests, rivers, and canyons, we can't help but "taste the...

7 WILD Ways to DIY Earth Day

If Mother Nature had a birthday, this is the weekend we'd celebrate everything she...

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Special Offers

Special Offers
2015 SEASON PASS ...unlimited Monkido Aerial Adventures - at all Parks - and more Primal Perks. FUNKY MONKEY BUNDLE ...our coolest combo. Monkido Classic and Monkido Extreme, plus a What's To Fear Jump!
BRIDGE ELEMENT BUNDLE (Nanaimo) ...hurtle from both sides of our 150-foot bridge with the intense Bungy Jump and Primal Swing. ULTIMATE WILDPLAYER PACKAGE (Kelowna; Nanaimo) ...conquer all Park Elements in Nanaimo or Kelowna to earn total bragging rites.

Got a group or special occasion? Check out how our adventures create the most fun and memorable day together.

Early bird rates available until March 28 in Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, and Victoria!
Limited time, limited quantity.

Nothing beats all-you-can-Monkido® Aerial Adventures - at all Parks - and more Primal Perks.

Your WildPlay Element Parks 2015 Season Pass includes:

  • Unlimited Monkido® Aerial Adventures (Classic Course, Extreme Course, Kids Course) for the 2015 season any WildPlay location.
  • Exclusive savings for "Taste the Dirt Shirts" - just $10!
  • One-time waiver completion (for the season; per Park).
  • Express Demonstration (optional, with qualification).
  • Surprise Primal Perks during the season (...you might get to bring-a-friend, save on other Elements, score a free gift, or get a special deal from our partners)!
  • No Element black-out periods - redeem any time all year long during regular check-in times!
  • Try-then-buy! Purchase a Season Pass after any Monkido Aerial Adventure (same-day) and just pay the difference for your upgrade to unlimited tree-top fun.
  • Playtime that gets more affordable with each visit!

EARLY-BIRD RATE: $125, tax included. [Reg $199.]

Get a Season Pass while they last!

SHOP ONLINE or call 1-855-595-2251.


  • All benefits and offers apply solely to Season Passholders.
  • Regular Element access requirements, reservation policies, and operating schedules apply to Season Pass redemption.
  • Upon request, to verify identity, Season Passholder must show current government-issued ID or school ID at each visit.
  • Non-transferrable between people. Attempting to transfer or share a Season Pass between people will result in the immediate revocation of the Season Pass without refund.
  • Does not apply in combination with any other offers or discounts, unless otherwise stated. Redeemable as part of group bookings; Season Passholders not counted in minimum number of guests in group bookings.
  • No cash value. Non-refundable.
  • Purchasers agree to provide name, address, phone, age, and email address for Season Passholder identification. Purchasers agree to provide email address to receive the WildPlay® Post with exclusive offers. Season Passholders may unsubscribe if they wish after welcome email.
  • A limited quantity of 300 Season Passes will be available for sale at each WildPlay® Element Parks location; available on a first-come first-served basis.

Experience the Monkido® Classic Course and Extreme Course, plus the What’s to Fear Jump all on the same awesome WildPlay Day. $49.99

One great drop deserves another!

Conquer the Bungy Jump and Primal Swing Elements all on the same day.
$174.99 (with a first-time Bungy Jump); $109.99 (with a subsequent Bungy Jump.)

Conquer all Elements in one day for less!

Kelowna Park Package: $139.99
Monkido Aerial Adventure + Primal Swing + DragonFLY Zip Lines ...and a Brag Bundle!

Nanaimo Park Package: $249.99
Monkido Aerial Adventure + Primal Swing + DragonFLY Zip Lines + Bungy Jump + What's To Fear Jump ...and a Brag Bundle!

All Elements must be completed in one visit. Brag Bundle includes: Ultimate WildPlayer certificate, video of your Bungy Jump or Primal Swing on CD-ROM (Nanaimo only), and a WildPlay t-shirt.

NOTE: Offers cannot be combined, and apply to Elements only. Rates are listed in Canadian Funds, and may be subject to provincial sales taxes.