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Try the 12m, freakish, tree-top, free-fall in Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, or Victoria...
...and we're hibernating in Kelowna, Maple Ridge, and Nanaimo. Check 2014 & 2015 schedules.
2015 Season Passes have been unleashed for early-birds! Check out all the Primal Perks.
IN ALL OUR COMMUNITIES we "share the fruit".
Find out how we give to groups that support youth, the environment, and active living.

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Welcome to WildPlay Element Parks

Welcome to WildPlay Element Parks

Aerial adventures & zip lines transform a simple nature day into awesome outdoor recreation for adults, teens, kids, and groups! 

VISIT A PARK for fun activities in the spring, summer and fall:

Kelowna, Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, Victoria - BC; Wood Buffalo - AB.

EXPERIENCE AN ELEMENT to get your adrenaline pumping:

NEW! WTF Jump | What's To Fear Jump is a 12m freakishly-fun slack-line plunge from the edge of a tree-top perch. Now open in Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, and Victoria.

Monkido® Aerial Adventure | Exclusive tree-top obstacle course, located at every Park. Discover the lost art of monkeying-around as you conquer climbing nets, fly across zip lines, balance on wobbly bridges, and take a Tarzan swing.

Bungy Jump | Renowned 46m ankle-harnessed leap from a trestle bridge high above the Nanaimo River. Bragging rights included. (Over 252,000 guests, and counting).

Primal Swing | Giant pendulum ride, with speed and screams to match. Hurtle through an awesome nature abyss at over 100km/h in Kelowna and Nanaimo Parks.

DragonFLY Zip Lines | Smooth, swift, and scenic zip lines that cross panoramic waterways, canyons, and countryside in Kelowna and Nanaimo.

Curious? Courageous? Evolve beyond your [self-perceived] limits. Come and "taste the dirt"!