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Adventure Tips

Adventure Tips

Tips from our play pros (WildPlay Clan Members and guests) will help you create an awesome story of primal fun & games!



  • Everyday kind of play? Book online.
    Immediately see and select available check-ins, 24/7!
  • Special kind of play (groups, Season Passholders, Ultimate WildPlayers)? Request a reservation.
    Arranging groups, and multiple-Element visits can be tricky. A super-friendly Guest Service Agent will help you set things up right. Use the online reservation form or call any daytime for one-on-one assistance.
  • Burning question? Last-minute adventurer? Talk to us!
    A quick phone call to our Guest Service team can help you decide when/how best to get out into nature, and out of your comfort zone. To ask a question about our products and service - to find out about available walk-in spots within the next 24 hours, call a nearby Park.


  • Check the current weather forecast for the day and wear appropriate clothing. Most guests dress in layers or bring a change of clothes to stay comfortable.
  • Wear proper fitting running shoes. Forget fashion and opt for closed toes and heels that lace-on will let you climb, zip line, jump, and swing freely.
  • Bring a water bottle to rehydrate, and snack to refuel.
  • Stash your camera in a secure pocket to keep your tech tools safe while you record your story.
  • Have cash on hand for Element souvenirs, snack food or a drink, or to unleash another Element.
  • Come clean. There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs at all WildPlay Element Parks; for safety, we will restrict access to any guest who is suspected of intoxication or impaired judgement.
  • Complete your park waiver in advance to expedite your check-in. Please note that for guests under 19 years of age the signature of parent or legal guardian is required. (Check out our Waiver Wizard for help completing page one, or page two).
  • Bungy Jumper? Ask for a water touch! A little dip in the Nanaimo River makes for the most unique story.

Do you have a tip to share? Tell us your story on TripAdvisor and you may see your advice to future WildPlayers on our list!