WildPlay Elements

Jumping girl

The ancient rite of passage.

There's no more primal a feeling than taking a life-changing leap from our renowned Bungy Jump bridge. A 150-foot plunge toward the...

DragonFLY Zip Lines, Nanaimo and Kelowna, BC

Love at first flight! Unleash a swift and carefree Adventure.

Our scenic and accessible DragonFLY Zip Lines are the perfect way to lean back and enjoy BC's lush outdoor landscapes....

Monkido® Aerial Adventure

"The lost art of monkeying-around"

At all our Parks you'll find the Monkido®...

Primal Swing, Nanaimo, Kelowna, BC

Feel the Arcs of Adrenaline!

You'll rethink this "playground" pastime when you unleash your first scream on the Primal Swing. We've Reinvented this favourite...


Boldly go where only birds (and bungy jumpers) have gone before.


COMING SOON: Fast, high-flying excursions.

Maximizing velocity, views, and the...